This writing style was founded in 1883. Over the years, it has become the leading writing style for academic professionals and organizations in the united states and globally. Each year, the MLA holds its convention and also publishes academic journals. 

How Essays Are Formatted in MLA Style

We are going to break this section into four main areas mainly;Â  

  1. Typography. 
  2. Margins and lines spacing. 
  3. Heading and titles. 
  4. Subhead styling


The Modern Language Association recommends academicians use a 12-point Time New Roman font or any other font that is readable but, most preferably, under the Serif fonts. Ideally, the association doesn’t emphasize much on the use of Time New Romans as the standard font. Still, anything you choose, the’regular’ font, and the ‘italics’ fonts should be dissimilar.  

The association further recommends that the author pay close attention to the fonts’ consistency. Essentially, it would be best to check the ‘heart’ and ‘face’ spacing as well as the number of types of weight, size, and patterns available in the various fonts. Still, anything you choose, the’regular’ font, and the ‘italics’ fonts should be dissimilar.  

Mla essay style

The Modern Language Association recommends academicians use this style of writing, especially when it comes to the research and referencing section. Essentially, the association further recommends that scholars use the MLA format for works that are not related to Modern Language Association standards. Essentially, academic journals ought to be consistently sized and uniformly aligned with the axis of the page. The author should determine the spacing, headings, and subheadings independently.  

As a writer, you may not be familiar with many other writing styles, so when writing this section, it would be best to seek help from an expert. Specifically, when you ask a professional, you should confirm if the author knows the style, and the title well. In case the author does not know how to format your essay in MLA, you can ask them to highlight a gap in your knowledge of that style, and the association could read further and give guidance that could help you.  

Subhead styling

Writing a dissertation or any other research work tends to be very overwhelming when the author has to think of what to include in the body section of the paper. There are times when you will be buy a paper required to have a separate section for each type of data gathering. If that is not an issue, you could write the sections separately while keeping track of the key points.